Steal My Artificial Heart is out: what now?

This is the post I promised I’d write in the Steal My Artificial Heart portmortem. Good job, me! Content warning: this post contains some introspection. Please avoid if that sort of thing makes you feel nauseous.

Releasing your first videogame is a very odd feeling. I say that Steal My Artificial Heart was my first proper videogame release, because the volume of work I did on it far dwarfs anything I did on Starbound, where I had a very peripheral writing role. (it was fun, and I got to work with awesome people, but it wasn’t huge.)

It’s out, by the way! The Antholojam bundle released yesterday and we hit #3 on’s top sellers list, which is rather exciting. Like I said in the last post, this is the first videogame money I’ll be receiving ever. I feel legitimate now, as if I’m a real game dev. I suppose I am. It says a lot that making money from a videogame is my personal milestone for Legitimization – but, y’ know, whatever. Money’s coming, even if it’s only a little bit, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have worked on a game that’s in such fantastic company amongst the other Antholojam entries. All of the other developers in the bundle are hugely creative independent voices. I still feel a little giddy every time I look at all of the entries, to be honest.

So I’ve made a game with an absolutely kick-ass team, we meshed together, we made something awesome under a very tight timeframe, and I’d like more than anything to do that again, with the possible exception of that last bit. I’m going to make sure that my next project gives me space to breathe and iterate on our ideas. Developing SMAH was great fun, and the initial reactions to it have been overwhelmingly positive, but in the end, it was a rush job, which… brings me to my next point!

I would very much like to do two things in the next six months.

Firstly, I want to make an extended edition of Steal My Artificial Heart. The pacing is inconsistent, and I can easily fix that and write more scenes using our existing assets. A slight redesign of the story will be easy to pull off, too. Famous last words. Maybe I’ll feel confident enough to put it on Greenlight. Who knows.

Secondly, I want to finish the ~secret project~ I’m working on right now. The scope is gigantic compared to Steal My Artificial Heart and, honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. The ideas are cool, I’ve got all this wild shit buzzing in my head, and I’ve been motivated enough to work on it for more than a week straight so chances are I’m actually going to stick with it. How exciting. Maybe I can get it on Steam when it’s done in six months or a year or whenever it gets finished. That’d be kinda cool.

So, to sum up:
* Self-affirmation, hooray!
* Doing more stuff? Hooray!
* Sledra stinks

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