Last year, I spent a couple of weeks working on a map for Unturned called Graveyard. It isn’t finished, and I don’t plan on releasing it, but I recently came across it again and thought it’d be fun to share some highlights of the work I did. Lots of images past the break.

Building Graveyard

I played a bunch of Unturned last year, and one thing I noticed was that maps tended to be extremely dense, with abundant resources and plenty of spots to hide. Generally speaking, popular maps use a forest setting and have rivers/oceans to navigate, using bridges as chokepoints. Graveyard has none of those things. It’s gigantic, and very flat.

There’s a certain kind of romance to the open road, isn’t there?

An explicit goal of mine was to make it hard to navigate. Players with satellite imagery would have huge advantages over those without; there are few roads, and it is very easy to get lost in the (bumpy, barely-navigable) wastes. Additionally, a heavy fog rises from the lowlands at night, which totally flips the gameplay dynamic – during the day, players can see each other coming from far away, but at night, even with a height advantage, constant vigilance is required to prevent PvP incursions.

I ended up dropping the project – the devkit is quite primitive and has very little documentation, so using any of the advanced functions is an exercise in frustration. However, it was valuable as a project to flex my environmental storytelling skills, and I’d love to work on something like this again.



This is a setpiece that I’m particularly proud of.

The Farmhouse sits in the shadow of the map’s central ridge, near the Valley.
It appears that someone carelessly left the front door ajar.
These windows are poorly maintained.

Something bad happened here.


A deep valley runs along the eastern edge of the map, and… it appears that the wind has uncovered something.


He might’ve gotten a little too much sun.


There are no more boats. So what’s even the point of this thing being here?


This secluded spot has an abundance of resources, but with those hills around, it’d be easy for someone to sneak up on you.

Mining Site

This is another spot where resources can be found… but it’s very exposed.


The one place apparently untouched by the blight is Sefton, a town that sits in the centre of a misty basin. Where is everyone, though?

It’s a perfectly normal town.
Detail: a police car that’s somehow gotten itself wedged in a fence. Silly car!
Looks like someone needs to mow their lawn. Am I right, folks?


This part of the map is built out of pebbles. Literally, it’s just three or four pebble models, upsized massively and used creatively.

This is a little log cabin that got knocked down. It’s next to the tunnel entrance, but isn’t noteworthy enough for its own heading.

Installation 03 (Shelter)

Nothing to see here.

Installation 04 (Outpost)

This installation extends underground, with four stories of space beneath. Probably radioactive or something.

Installation 05 (Communications)

It seems like this place was abandoned in a hurry.

Installation 06 (Military Base)

The telescope is a subtle hint as to the location of Installation 07, which, due to engine limitations, doesn’t render until you’re within about a kilometre of it.

These doors were blown off from the inside…

Installation 07 (Vault)

This isn’t just a hole in the ground – it’s a massive geological formation exposed by the elements.

You could fit a hundred people in here, easy.

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